UK Work & Business

If you are not free of immigration restrictions, you will need to prove your immigration status upon request, either at entry to customs or any Immigration Force officer.

To exercise your right and freedoms you should arrive with the correct support documentation. This documentation varies depending on the country you are from or you are going to. In the UK this could be a passport, with a stamp, with a sticker; it could be your EUSS reference number (Jan 2021), or an ISD (preferably transferred to a Biometric Resident Permit), or a Biometric card establishing the kind of leave you hold and the duration of it. Please ask us if you need any of the above.

If you wish only to come in the UK for potential business opportunities, a Business visa – C-VISIT-UK us something that we can do for you.

If you are considering coming to the UK as a professional, there are various Tiers. For Tiers 1, 2 and 5 we can provide advice.

We can provide settlement visas for both the visa holders and their dependant’s family member.

In addition, and to realise your potential at what are you best we can provide the following services to you:

  • Your application for a Sponsor License (Key after Brexit) if you wish to bring to your company the brightest and the best from other countries.
  • For purpose of providing employer best practice we can provide a service coordinating office activities and operations to secure efficiency regarding your employee’s immigration status.
  • We can also check your employees with Student’s Visa – Tier4 (complying with the allowed hours to work) and we can organise an EU Settle Scheme registration clinic day for all your employees.