UK Passport

UK Residency

For tax purposes, so long as you reside in the country for 183 days or more per tax year, you will be considered a resident. This is the normal practice around the world. To exercise your rights and freedoms, you will need to prove your immigration status. This is dependent on the country you’re from.

We will help with:

Entry Clearance | Extensions | UK Settlement | British Citizenship

Fiancé (Marriage), Spouse, Unmarried partner, Child or other Dependant of a settled person

Extension of family visas

Settlement visas (family or other grounds, see below)

British Nationality and passport

For European Nationals

EUSS (European Union Settle Scheme) for EU citizens living in the UK qualifying as pre-settled & or settled & status. Everyone should apply before 31 December 2020. Please contact us if you have a vulnerable family member that needs support in order to apply.

A family permit for direct/extended family members was the initial six months entry. After which the applicant used to receive a Residence Card (for 5 years) from within the UK and Permanent Residence Card (once the 5 years were reached). Please notice that those residence documentations were linked to the UK’s membership of the EU. Someone who wishes to have the latest information about the status of the EU citizen or their EU family members in the UK after the UK leave the EU preferably should contact us and book an appointment.

Irish citizens have their own conditions, but we highly recommend applying EUSS also.

Business and Work

Tier1, Tier2, and Tier5: If you are considering coming to the UK as a professional under these TIERS you may qualify as someone who has a profession listed on the shortage occupational list. Please contact us to see if you meet the requirements. We can liaise with your potential employer on your behalf.

We will do your settlement visas for both: the visa holders and their dependent’s family member.

Tier 4 Graduate Immigration Route (expected to be launched summer 2021)

To learn more about your options and discuss further about your situation, get in touch with our team of professional immigration advisors on 07762 483 084