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“As a little girl, I learned to see worldwide quite rapidly due to my upbringing, my first memory about other people and countries needs goes as far as the cruel widespread famine affected Ethiopia from 1983 to 1985. Known as the worst famine to hit the country in a century, in northern Ethiopia it led to more than 400,000 deaths. I was 7 and told to my parents that they could keep my weekly allowance and send it there.

I grow up and study Social Education and Theology, I travelled and known other cultures and costumes. I have long been interested in working with people from different backgrounds to my own. In Spain, I was working with people experiencing social exclusion, young offenders, and women under domestic violence, abusive relationships, or in prostitution, immigrants, and the homeless.

The work was dealing with every person as an individual scenario, doing the assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment planning, and referral, and/or monitoring of people served and discharging planning processes. Home visits and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Strengthening their social skills and motivating them to actively seek employment and counselling and helping with job placement as well as social and occupational integration pathways. Intermediation and support with their communication and interpersonal skills. I was helping to facilitate conversations between them and the family, advocacy, and providing seminars about anger management. I acquired experience with individual and group intervention, providing advice regarding decision-making, budgeting plans, and savings. I was planning educational and social activities, developing flexibility, adaptation, as well as being aware and respectful of the environment.

As I was growing in age and experience I realized that it was a worldwide issue, poverty, exclusion, violence, social injustice, and lack of equity. I saw that the most exploited, and abused among all were people trafficked or smuggled, especially women who keep the children in case of divorce or unknown/strange father. I developed my career working with refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants. All the situations had one common issue: DOCUMENTATION. People cannot be part of a system if they are ILLEGAL. Dealing with all types of visa categories was the KEY.

Then, I qualified as Immigration Advisor regulated with the Office Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Advising, assessing, and collecting relevant documents for migration process. Helping with client consultation and preparing and submitting applications to the UKVI/UKBA/UK Embassy and the Home Office since 2010. Dealing with the stress that it causes and solving clients’ concerns or issues. I have developed an enjoyment and interest in learning about immigration systems and procedures. To the point that in Nov 2015 EQU-ALL was born and all the permissions came by March 2016.

EQU-ALL consultancy office in Bournemouth stands for EQUIP-ALL, and we use the orange colours because as I read once, you came from a red country, to a yellow country and you became orange. You lose things and win others. You became something else. We, in EQU-ALL would like to CONNECT with every one of you that feels it belongs to this marvellous INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY that wants the best for everybody.”


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